A New Adventure

I will be leaving Singapore to accompany my wife to Australia on 1st March after spending two weeks in Vietnam for the traditional Tet Festival. It was a hard decision to make. I think I will definitely miss my good friends here and of course also the delicious local food in Singapore. Don't worry, we will be back!

Meanwhile, please keep in touch. You can reach me via my email or one of the social networks or simply come back here now and then for the latest updates.

About the Captain

Shmily is the name which only some of my close friends will call me. I was born in 1986, in a small quiet town called My Tho (Tien Giang, Vietnam) and was named Huu Bang. The Chinese translation of my name is 友朋 (yǒu péng) which means friends as my grandparents want me to have many friends in life. My zodiac is Scorpio or Tiger in Vietnamese horoscope. This was also the year when the reform in Vietnam started. To me, life is an interesting journey in which I am a captain, a passionate captain who is eager to explore the world and also who is learning how to control the boat to overcome the biggest obstacle on the way.

Life is a big struggle. Future is ours to make. Try your best then never regret.


Personal Projects

Programming is my hobby or at least one of my hobbies. Since young, I was amazed by how a human can teach a computer to do what he/she is lazy to do by writing a computer program. Since then, I have always been working on my personal projects. Many of them have now obsoleted but some are still relevant, like the following.

DP Messenger

It's a quick solution to send text, url, files or photos between any PC and mobile phones without the hassle of installing an app or creating an account. It was featured in MakeUseOf, one of the leading destinations for digital productivity tips and guides to cool stuff on the Internet.

It's not intended to replace full-fledged services like Droplr or Pocket but just a quick and handy solution when you need it (like at a friend's house). You can give it a try by visiting dp.huubang.me from your PC or laptop (not your mobile).

USB Storage Capacity Checker

This small Windows program will help us check the storage capacity of a number of USB at a time. It will also automatically eject all the USB when done. This will be useful for those who have to deal with quality control for a large number of USB devices.

Facebook Friend Sweeper

This was my playground to try out the Facebook Graph API. The app can identify strangers who have less than 3 mutual friends with you, anonymous friends who have no profile picture, or quiet dudes who have not posted for a month.

You can try it out but the app might become obsoleted in April 2015.

Incubation In Progress

Currently I am working on an idea to apply graph theory to solve some real life problems related to travelling. Another idea inspired by a friend to connect between online and offline world is also in incubation period.

Should you have interesting ideas, especially to solve real life problems or should you encounter the real life problems yourself, feel free to share and discuss.

Meet the Captain

I am quite happy to share a cup of coffee and discuss about the latest technologies if that is your passion, too. You can reach me via the following platforms.