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Airtel dating code while you were dating movie watch online This service airtel dating code be done by sending an SMS to a toll free number 121. Jobs powered by Naukri. It costs Rs. To activate, you need to dial 54314. Airtel Talkies — Airtel Talkies is the multiplex cinema on the move.

how to check airtel sim activation status

Delhi Complaint Details. My name is Hoom Kc my mobile number is 9958923888 and I am working under Zee enterprises , I had taken airtel postpaid connection 9958923888 on 16th August 2012, at the time of the Activation airtel Executive Mr Gaurav promised me that he will provide me Special Airtel Cug 199 plan, along with he will provide me Zero rental unlimited internet plan, after the activation of the connection on 5th September 2012 I got a call from the airtel team informing that as I am a corporate employee, airtel will give me handset offer in which I will get 2 Gb 3G Data free for the next 4 months, after that I had called on your airtel customer care number both 121 and 198 confirming about the plan the Csr who took the call said me that they provide me 2gb internet free up to 4 months, and also she confirmed me that 3G data uses up to 2Gb will no effect my billing … Again after 3,4 days in the morning I got a message that your unbilled amount is Rs. On 15th Sep 2012 Airtel discontinued my outgoing services because as per them I had used Rs. I was so surprised to see that Airtel barred my service because I had used 700 Mb of 3G date which was provided by them free of cost to me … Again I called on customer care number where I had a word with the executive than floor supervisor and Manager Mr.

how to check my airtel number activation status

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