Andi Dorfman Finally Addresses Chris Harrison Dating Rumors

Andi dorfman dating dating customs in the past But their union ultimately had the shelf life of many of their Bachelor counterparts before them. At first, it was andi dorfman dating mutual parting of ways—until the truth started to emerge and it became obvious this andi dorfman dating no amicable breakup. In fact, it got as downright nasty as Jake and Vienna's on-air meltdown. If you need a More info and Andi breakup refresher course, click here. But once you enter Bachelor territory, it's hard to stop go back to normal life.

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Turns out, it's really hard to meet your soulmate in six weeks! And that's what Bachelorette Andi Dorfman found out the hard way, because she and Josh Murray didn't last that long after her Bachelorette season wrapped. Now, five years later, it seems like Andi is single , but she also appears to be having the time of her life. Viewers got to know Andi as the fun-loving, no-nonsense assistant district attorney on Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor.

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