Koken Barber Chair – The Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Dating a koken barber chair 9 great tips for dating in college Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 dating a koken barber chair 14 total Author January 3, 2017 at 3.07 pm 14466 Reply Jacco Breedveld Hi there, i just bought a vintage koken chair. But i a trying to recover its serial number and what year it has been produced, but cant find any labels on or in it. I read that it should be under the seat on the wood but nothing dating a koken barber chair. It is a plain red leather version with metallic armchairs and no diagonal metallic stripes like you sometimes see with duo colors. Hope someone can help me out.

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The History of Koken Barber Chairs The History of Koken Barber Chairs Posted on Aug 30, 2017 Posted in History of Inventions The barber chair has been a fixture in barbershops for more than a century and a half, with engravings from as far back as the Civil War era showing designs not entirely unlike those still in use today. However, the barber chair truly came to prominence around the turn of the century, when a number of patented inventions by an enterprising young man named Ernest Koken led to the basic chair design that is still in use today. Koken barber chairs dominated the first half of the century, and they remain popular today both as collectible antiques and as modern, contemporary chairs. Louis, Missouri, Ernest Koken was a creative and industrious young man. Following his father's untimely death, young Ernest left school and set about earning a living for his family.

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