How to Date a Takamine Guitar

Dating takamine g series cell dating definition This article will look at what your Takamine serial number can tell you about your guitar and how dating takamine g series decode that dating takamine g series. It also tells you which number guitar produced your guitar was, during the particular month — i. This might give you some clue as to the day in the month it was made but not an accurate one — for takamihe, if your guitar was the 5th built that month, then it was likely to be on one of the first days of the month. So, the main thing this serial number will tell you is finding out the month and year of build. Takamine serial numbers are typically found on the neck block where the neck joins the body on the inside of the body of the guitar.

takamine 7 digit serial number

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Takamine GN51 G-Series Acoustic Guitar Demo

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Gear Demo -Takamine GD30CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Takamine G Series Guitar

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