Interracial Marriage: The Silent Plague That is Destroying Black America

Pan africanism and interracial dating popular dating sites in gauteng Written by Maurice Lindsay on May 6, 2016 One of the fastest growing forms of genocide that is happening to us so-called black folks living here in America today is interracial marriage and interracial baby-making. Although white pan africanism and interracial dating are still killing blacks, the prisons are still targeting blacks, and the spirit interraciak homosexuality is still spreading among blacks — nothing is destroying the black family quicker today than interracial marriage. According to all the latest marriage statistics here in the U. The types of discourses you see on social media sites are quite repetitive—black men raping Chinese women, black men having consensual sex with Chinese women and then leaving them, blacks as drug users and thieves destroying Chinese neighborhoods. People are living in a society that is changing rapidly. In interviews with Quartz, black residents referred to online comments and racist ads as more extreme examples, but said they are symptomatic of broader underlying attitudes. Such experiences speak to the duality of life for black people in China.

What Chinese think of Interracial Relationship

Africa Colorblind. interracial love in South Africa Under apartheid, dating across racial lines was banned by law. A quarter of a century later, South Africa still struggles to welcome young interracial couples into the rainbow nation. Sertan Sanderson reports. They ooze the kind of confidence that is typical of the honeymoon phase of any relationship. When they hold hands you see a world of tenderness between them, and when they kiss it is almost an act of innocence.

Dr. Umar Johnson Discusses Inter-Racial Marriage, President Trump, Self-Hatred & More Johnson's Power Lecture on the 3 Rules of Racism in Kansas City, Missouri(April 30,2017)

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