‘Chicago P.D.’ Surprise: Brian Geraghty Exiting NBC Show

Who is kim burgess dating on chicago pd best dating apps singapore 2018 The start of the episode found Burgess sitting at a bar and seemingly frustrated as she waited for Blair to show up for their date, which she later reveals she was going to use to break things off with him. After he repeatedly fails her calls, she calls a friend at a police station to track his phone and finds his cold car in a random street and she begins to suspect something is wrong when she calls him and she can hear his phone down an alleyway. She follows the sound and finds her boyfriend bleeding out in the snow and still breathing, but the situation does not look good. After police respond and first responders take who is kim burgess dating on chicago pd man to the hospital, Trudy Amy Morton and Voight Jason Beghe attempt to comfort Burgess after the traumatic incident. When Voight gives everyone else assignments for the night, Trudy who is kim burgess dating on chicago pd that Blair died in the ambulance, turning the investigation into a murder. Adam Ruzek Patrick John Flueger and Hailey Upton's Tracy Spiridakos romance started out as something casual, but it has become more over recent episodes — until Wednesday's episode. Despite making plans for a weekend trip before work, the two butt heads during the investigation in "Sacrifice. She refuses to entertain the thought that she even considered their personal relationship when she made the decision. But Trudy Amy Morton watches that exchange from behind her desk and checks on Upton after the case.

Upton and Ruzek Heat Up - Chicago PD (Episode Highlight)

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Chicago PD 6x14 Sneak Peek Clip 1 "Ties That Bind"

The "Chicago P.D.” stunt that didn’t go as planned -- STEVE HARVEY

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