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Share Omani relationships have changed. Dating and pre-marital relationships in Oman are still taboo subjects. Divorces here are on the rise, according to new research, as the tradition of arranged marriages is spurned by the younger generation. Figures from the Department of Marriage Registration revealed that divorces in the country increased by 12 per cent last year. The trend puts arranged marriages under the spotlight, with couples apparently opting to divorce and find a partner on their own terms.

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What I will try to do here is not to state whether dating is good or bad, but to tackle the issue from a more objective point of view rather than a judgmental one. There are a couple of points to consider here. First. Past vs. Present The difference between the past and the present is that in the past, women would get married at the age of 14 and above and men would get married at 17 and above. The act of marrying your children off was such a sacred act that very few girls would reach the age of 16 without having a fiancee.

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