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Carbon dating companies near me okc free online dating sites Testing and analysis for the pulp, paper, and allied industries. References Radiocarbon WEB-info Provides a large international listing of laboratories that do radiocarbon dating; information on radiocarbon dating; publications and references; and educational materials. Radiocarbon, vol. Aitken, M.

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Sample size matters when choosing the appropriate radiocarbon dating technique. The company has been the world leader in radiocarbon dating services since 1979. Yale University , D. They have both been instrumental in the development of radiocarbon dating as a method since 1959 and have published more than 100 papers on radiocarbon dating, geochronology, and hydrology. They formed Beta Analytic as a dedicated professional radiocarbon dating lab able to routinely provide accurate radiocarbon dates within a timely manner.

Carbon Dating Explained

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