21 Sets of Free Canning Jar Labels

Dating magic mason jars sinopsis drama korea dating agency cyrano Home-canned produce can last a year or longer when properly stored. It was a good summer in the vegetable garden. For even the most dating magic mason jars homesteader, bountiful crops can pay off all year long through the magic of canning.

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Labelling your preserve jars After the canning is done, your jars need to be washed, then labelled with name and date before they can be put away. This can be the fun climax for the person who does one or two batches of jam a year, giving them a frisson of joy as they carefully write out 12 labels in their best ever handwriting with little hearts for nice display on their prize creations. For other people who can a lot more than that each season, the final step of labelling can be an exhausting chore. Some people use a magic marker to write on their metal canning lids.

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Do you know what blenders fit a mason jar? You do now.

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